• My last game of the season. Angels win. #stadiumselfie (at Angel Stadium of Anaheim)

    My last game of the season. Angels win. #stadiumselfie (at Angel Stadium of Anaheim)

  • Today on Phil Hulett and Friends: Spanking, iOS8 and Beer.

    Today we talk about spanking, but we also talk about beer, the craft kind and a whole week’s worth of celebrating beer in Los Angeles, Plus our movie reviewer kind of likes this weekend’s offerings. Which movie fared well? You’ll have to listen. Did we mention spanking? Former Miss America, Terri Britt thinks it’s time to stop the cycle of violence, but you need to hear when Jay Campadonia takes her to task. Tech guy Jeremy Anticouni espouses privacy and freedom of speech and explains how Apple is doing the same. He also warns of drones on the horizon carrying super fast Wi-Fi. Phil Hulett reviews the most profane sports fans by team. Chris Martin knows what love is, even in death. And Erin Myers makes us wonder what’s so bad about a 13 year old girl’s t-shirt that got her in trouble at school. And finally, men, if your bride plans to spend $1,200 on this wedding dress, you’d better “Let it Go.”

  • Have you heard my show, Phil Hulett and Friends?

    Have you heard my show, Phil Hulett and Friends?

    Phil Hulett and Friends – My Labor of Love

    This is the radio show I’ve always wanted to do, and if you haven’t heard it yet, Phil Hulett and Friends is pretty good…at least that’s what people tell me. I’m an awful judge of my own performance, but I have to tell you, the chemistry between TV news reporter Erin Myers, wiseguy Jay Campadonia, young dude Chris Martin and me is excellent. We have fun.…

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  • Phil Hulett and Friends: Chris Martin Almost Died, Mrs. Ray Rice, and iPhone 6

    When Chris Martin recently called in from Interstate 10 in Arizona to report on the torrential downpour and massive dust storm, we had no idea he almost died moments before he called. Why he waited, we’ll never know, but listen to him recount what happened on this show. Our tech guy give us a preview of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, including a new way to securely buy things through “tokenization.” We love orphaned dolphins with their tails cut off, and, according to our movie guy, so does America. Oh, and use the hashtag, #Dolphnado. The Ray Rice controversy has everyone wondering why battered women stay with their abusers, and we get answers and perspective from an expert. Plus Erin Myers with the 9-11 poll, stupid schools, Catholics versus devil worshipers, and the love story that will take your breath away. Jay Campadonia has the angry dog poop porch pooper, criminal selfies, and the 100 foot bratwurst! Chris Martin survived Arizona, barely, and issues a warning out of Florida: Look out for the poisonous hairy puss caterpillar, and the best argument yet for Texas to secede from the Union. One more thing…Alex Trebek is growing his mustache back.

  • Cats with Mad Ninja Skills

    Cats with Mad Ninja Skills

  • Stupid Mistakes Driverless Cars Won’t Make

    Stupid Mistakes Driverless Cars Won’t Make

  • Phil Hulett and Friends

    Yes, they are called “haboobs.” Plus who in the world would want to eat haggis? How to make arrangements for your social media footprint in the event you die. You can run to the top of a tall building for charity. The Home Depot data breach. Body language no-nos. Woman with dog collar forced to live in cage. Mom arrested with .431 blood alcohol content. The Jack Daniels bong. A 6-foot tall testicle! A 9 pound tomato! Voted “Most likely to….” New royal baby. More Ebola patients evacuated to the U.S.A. What is the Zombie Game? Stuff your parents did that would get them arrested today. These are just some of the stories in today’s show. Thanks for listening.

  • Fedorin Cup Charity Hockey Game August 23

    Fedorin Cup Charity Hockey Game August 23


    Special Silent Auction and Postgame VIP Casino Night highlight 17th Annual Fedorin Cup Game

    The Anaheim Ducks announced today that the 17th annual Fedorin Cup will be held on Saturday, Aug. 23 at THE RINKS – Anaheim ICE presented by Honda. The charity hockey game and VIP Casino Night dinner will benefit the Athletic Sports Fund of America (ASFA) as well as the NHL’s Hockey Fights Cancer ini…

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  • What a day on Phil Hulett and Friends

    Today we had two pleasant surprises, one, KTLA 5 News Reporter Erin Myers filled in for Jennifer Bjorklund, and brought us news of vacation homes in Sicily for only $1.30. Plus baby sitters making more money than pre-school teachers, France’s no-selfie beach zone, and dating websites that pair you and your pets with compatible partners. The other surprise is Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow nominated Chris Martin to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We’re pretty sure Gwyneth was talking about OUR Chris Martin, so Chris accepted the challenge, and did most of the show cold, and soaking wet. Chris also introduced us to some stingy sea creatures washing ashore in SoCal by the thousands, and a ban on Ketchup at a restaurant. Jay Campadonia warned about a Nutella shortage, a student suspended for saying “Bless You” after a fellow student sneezed, and a pageant mom for overboard getting her daughter to lose weight…wait until you hear what she did.

  • I must say the #GiantDuck had an impact on me. #yellow #harbor #duck #rubberducky #inflatable #water #ocean

    I must say the #GiantDuck had an impact on me. #yellow #harbor #duck #rubberducky #inflatable #water #ocean

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