• Fedorin Cup Charity Hockey Game August 23

    Fedorin Cup Charity Hockey Game August 23


    Special Silent Auction and Postgame VIP Casino Night highlight 17th Annual Fedorin Cup Game

    The Anaheim Ducks announced today that the 17th annual Fedorin Cup will be held on Saturday, Aug. 23 at THE RINKS – Anaheim ICE presented by Honda. The charity hockey game and VIP Casino Night dinner will benefit the Athletic Sports Fund of America (ASFA) as well as the NHL’s Hockey Fights Cancer ini…

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  • What a day on Phil Hulett and Friends

    Today we had two pleasant surprises, one, KTLA 5 News Reporter Erin Myers filled in for Jennifer Bjorklund, and brought us news of vacation homes in Sicily for only $1.30. Plus baby sitters making more money than pre-school teachers, France’s no-selfie beach zone, and dating websites that pair you and your pets with compatible partners. The other surprise is Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow nominated Chris Martin to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We’re pretty sure Gwyneth was talking about OUR Chris Martin, so Chris accepted the challenge, and did most of the show cold, and soaking wet. Chris also introduced us to some stingy sea creatures washing ashore in SoCal by the thousands, and a ban on Ketchup at a restaurant. Jay Campadonia warned about a Nutella shortage, a student suspended for saying “Bless You” after a fellow student sneezed, and a pageant mom for overboard getting her daughter to lose weight…wait until you hear what she did.

  • I must say the #GiantDuck had an impact on me. #yellow #harbor #duck #rubberducky #inflatable #water #ocean

    I must say the #GiantDuck had an impact on me. #yellow #harbor #duck #rubberducky #inflatable #water #ocean

  • Farewell KFWB

    Goodbye KFWB, Hello New Opportunities

    KFWBThe end of a major chapter in my broadcasting career is coming to an end, turning the page on the next adventure that has yet to fully come into focus. This month, KFWB News/Talk 980 changes switches from its current format to all sports featuring content from the CBS Sports Radio Network.

    Since 1998 I’ve had the privilege anchoring the news with such…

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  • Today's #Sexy Edition of Phil Hulett and Friends

    A packed show today with Jennifer Bjorklund calling the Ice Bucket Challenge people into question. Jay Campadonia describes the 2015 Corvette and why valet attendants should be worried. Chris Martin talks about an unauthorized piece of art shows us a new gaze at Kobe Bryant. The “penis collector” is under arrest. Justin Timberlake can do no wrong in Jennifer’s mind. Johnny Manziel flips the ninja bird. A rock climbing Yosemite proposal goes very very wrong. The chocolate doctorate. Pumpkin spice Oreos! How to fight the city when you get cited for a violation of the building code. And what the hair stylist does on Sundays.

  • Today on Phil Hulett and Friends

    The grim discovery of a missing woman’s body in a 145 foot mine shaft in Southern California leads to the arrest of a man in Alaska. Can Eric Holder solves Ferguson’s troubles? A career expert tears your resume apart, find out where to exchange school supplies for a free car wash. An Alabama couple pull a half-ton, 15-foot gator out of the river, Apple improves upon the USB plug, the plane crash kid gets his chance on the Michigan round ball team, and this week’s band name for your approval: “Vegan Matadors.”

  • Today's Phil Hulett and Friends

    As scary as it sounds, there might by a Purge-like (movie reference) night in Louisville, Kentucky tonight, but in this case, the authorities are not pleased. We call out cowards who play the knock-out game…especially one guy in particular…what a total DB. The President of the SoCal Rams Booster Club is pretty sure the team is coming back to Los Angeles. Find out what happens when you curse in anger in South Carolina. Our movie guy hates all three of the big releases this weekend…but he highly recommends some must-see Robin Williams films on DVD. People are eating sharks into extinction for Shark Week. And a French athlete showboats his way into disqualification…and wait until you hear what he once did to a mascot, who was in reality a 14-year old girl, in a tooth costume!

  • Today's Phil Hulett and Friends

    Robin William’s wife revealed her husband was not only dealing with depression, but also with Parkinson’s disease. A comedy colleague of Williams joins us live to share his memories of Williams and his personal fight with depression. Plus, you will not believe what people are building out of Legos. Plus, perhaps the most genius food festival idea ever, the Fried Chicken Fest hits L.A. Add to the fun with an alcohol delivery service with delivery people in underwear, another example of how tough Alaskans are, Facebook shaming is OK with Facebook…even THIS example, Madonna killed everybody, and a hi-tech jet with no windows lets you see the world.

  • Phil Hulett and Friends » 08-07-14 Cheerleaders, MANopause and You’ve (Still) Got Mail?

    What did some cheerleaders do that got them in big trouble once they posted the photos online? Jennifer Bjorklund checks in from Honolulu ahead of the arrival of hurricane Iselle. You won’t believe how many people still use AOL dial-up. A petition seeks to get Weird Al as the half-time entertainment at this season’s Super Bowl. Check your background check with a new app. Landon Donovan is through. Helicopter parents can hover even closer with a new app. What happened to Jenny Craig? Next time you order a bunless burger at Fatburger, simply ask, MORE MEAT PLEASE!

  • Today's episode of Phil Hulett and Friends will make you say "Huh?"

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